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Would you like to make sure you are charging enough to make a profit?

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Over my working career, I am constantly surprised at how many business's I have gone into that are running their financials on an as the money comes in basis and they are never quite sure if they are charging enough to make a profit. There is an easier way!

Are you charging enough for your Goods and Services?

By creating and regularly following a Budget and Cashflow, you are able to calculate what money is coming in and when and what money needs to go out and when. This way you are always on top of your money and when you need to put in additional business strategies in place to provide more income coming into the business.

It is also essential to look at not only the cost of buying the components required for your business, but also the staffing costs and overheads you are paying so you are truly identifying how much it is costing you to supply your goods and services. When you know exactly how much something is costing, you are able to then add an appropriate margin so your business is making a profit.

Bookkeeping and More are able create a Budget and Cash flow with you as well as evaluate the cost of your components, staffing costs and overheads. We are also able to regularly monitor the Cash flow and Cost of Goods to make sure you are on track at all times. Send us an email via our Contact Form and we will get back to you with a time to meet up to discuss your business needs.

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