I don't have time for Paperwork!

Is this you?

We agree!  You most likely don't have time for Paperwork. The more time you spend in the office doing paperwork, the less time you are able to spend on working with your Customers and Sales.  

Unfortunately, it has to be done. Book work must be done, compliance dates must be met. Bills and wages must be paid, following up on unpaid invoices must happen. Quotes and tenders must be raised and submitted, meetings and events need to be organized, emails and orders, promotional and marketing material, procedures and manuals, product and services are just some of the many things that need to be done to keep your business running.

We can help, keep your book work up to date, keep those financials flowing, those quotes and tenders going out, sales coming in and meeting and events growing your business now. Bookkeeping and More can help you with this and much more with a tailored service, just for your business.