Business Mentoring, Counselling & Training

Every business needs to build and stay up to date with the needs of their clients and current business practices.

Being able to mentor with an independent mentor helps business owners to see a different perspective than they may be seeing for their business.

Having a strong, skilled, professional, loyal and happy support team are also a key success in business.  

By providing a supporting and educational environment for your team, your team will feel encouraged and enthusiastic to do their best work for your business.


Bookkeeping and More are able to provide formal qualifications and 40 years experience in workplace counselling, business leadership, team building and personal development to our clients.

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Business Mentoring, Counselling & Training skills

  • Business Mentoring

  • Qualified Workplace Counselling

  • Staff Training

  • Computer Software Training

  • System Training

  • Business Communication Training

  • Customer Service Training

  • Conflict Resolution Training

  • Course Creation